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What is required to become an AMCA Member?
You must either be a Masonry Contractor with a valid license from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors or a company that is directly involved or can provide services to the masonry industry. Membership applications from companies outside of the masonry industry will not be accepted. Once your application has been received, it is forwarded to the Board of Directors and they vote on your membership. You are notified of the results within five business days of submitting your application.

Why does the Board of Directors need to approve my membership?
In order to maintain the integrity of the association, the Board of Directors reviews each membership application, verifying that the prospective member is actively involved in the masonry industry, is a reputable company and that contractor applicants have a current masonry license.

What is the difference between a Contractor Member and an Associate Member?
A Contractor Member is a licensed Masonry Contractor. Association Membership is for those companies who provide products and/or services to the masonry industry, but are not contractors.

What does it cost to become a Member?
Contractor membership dues are anywhere from $800 to $2,400 annually, based upon gross annual sales.  Associate membership dues are $800 or $1,200 per year, based upon gross annual sales. New members must pay the full amount to join; however, since dues are billed each January, the dues for the second year of membership will be prorated.

How do I become a member?
Simply complete a Contractor Membership Application or an Associate Membership Application by clicking on the link below, then fax or email it to our office or complete the contact form, and someone from our office will contact you shortly.

Contractor Membership Application

Associate Member Application

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