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Is Continuing Education Required?

Continuing education is required to maintain certification. Certification expires one-year after a certificate is awarded. Contractors are required to complete 50 credits per year and Foremen are required to complete 20 credits per year to renew.

How Do I Sign Up?

All interested parties are required to complete an application form before any credits are awarded. Applications for Certified Masonry Contractors should be accompanied by the appropriate application fee of $125.00 for AMCA Members and $250.00 for Non-Members. There is no fee for Certified Masonry Foremen.

Contractor Certification Application

Contractor Certification Overview

Foreman Certification Application

Foreman Certification Overview

Non AMCA Course Submittals

If you are currently enrolled in the certification program and would like to receive credit for attending a non-AMCA course, please click on the link below to download the appropriate form and send it to our office.

Non-AMCA Course Submittal Form

Program Guidelines

Certification awarded by the Arizona Masonry Contractors Association should not be perceived as a guarantee of workmanship. It simply means that a contractor or employee has met the requirements of AMCA’s Certification Program.

AMCA’s Certification Programs are in compliance with the Equal Opportunities and Americans with Disabilities Acts. If special accommodations are needed because of an applicant’s disability, a request outlining the accommodations necessary along with a physician’s verification should be sent to the AMCA in writing no less than 30 days prior to the event.

All participants must complete an application form before any credits will be awarded. Applications for Certified Masonry Contractors must be accompanied by the appropriate application fee.

No fee is required for recertification; however, if an applicant allows his/her certification to expire, he/she will be required to complete a new application, accompanied by the appropriate fee. He/she will also be required to earn the credits necessary for original certification.

If an applicant attends an educational session prior to submission of his/her application, credits will be awarded if the request is in writing and is received by AMCA with 60 days of the educational session. (Subject to committee approval.)

All requirements for certification must be completed within eighteen months of the date of application; otherwise, all credits will be forfeited and a new application will be required.