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SCF Arizona
The objectives of this program are to help reduce injuries and to keep workers’ compensation premiums as low as possible. Members of AMCA whose workers' compensation insurance carrier is SCF Arizona are eligible to participate.
Businesses that are members of the AMCA and that are qualified SCF policyholders in good standing can apply for the Association Safety Program.

AMCA will review and qualify the policyholder’s eligibility. Accepted applicants become eligible for a 10 percent rate deviation on their premium. Certain policy groups are also eligible to share in a potential bonus safety dividend in addition to their potential individual dividend.

Each participating Member maintains an individual policy and remains responsible to SCF for payroll and premium reporting. The member may have an experience rating (e-mod), which may allow for a premium discount.
Maintaining a low e-mod and a proactive safety program helps policyholders keep their workers’ compensation costs in check.

Safety comes first:

  • An active, unified approach to accident prevention can mean larger potential savings for members.
  • AMCA’s Safety Program allows small-and-medium-sized employers to participate in safety programs that usually are reserved for larger businesses.
  • Increased membership in associations creates a larger pool of businesses and people from which to draw when creating safety committees and for beneficial safety training events.
  • SCF Arizona’s loss control consultants work with policyholders on identifying and fixing potentially hazardous situations to create safer workplaces.
  • SCF offers online services so policyholders can order safety videos, posters, brochures and more. To view and order these safety tools visit www.scfaz.com.

Each year SCF’s Board of Directors determines if dividends can be paid. Dividends are never guaranteed.

If the Board declares a dividend, AMCA members that are policyholders may earn a bonus safety dividend in addition to any potential individual policyholder dividend, based on the association’s safety success. (The bonus safety dividend is calculated on the total premiums and losses of all participating association members.) Both the dividend and the bonus are paid in October and distributed by the AMCA.

How can you participate?
If you are already an AMCA member and SCF policyholder, simply contact your SCF representative and tell them you'd like to participate in AMCA's Bonus Dividend Plan. You will need to complete a simple form, which SCF will send you.

If you're not a member of the AMCA, complete a membership application and fax it to 602-275-2770.

To start a workers' compensation policy with SCF of Arizona call 602-631-2300 in Phoenix or 800-231-1363 elsewhere in Arizona.