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This page gives an overview of the AMCA Apprenticeship Program and its benefits to the apprentice, the employer and to the industry. To request more information, please click here and complete the contact form.

What is Masonry Apprenticeship?
Apprenticeship is a highly flexible training model that has been in place for thousands of years. It involves structured and formalized methods to train existing and future workers and is driven directly by the demands of the industry.

AMCA’s Apprenticeship Program combines both theory and practice through supervised, on-the-job-learning and related theoretical classroom and lab instruction.  This is a proven methodology that allows employers to establish the standards of proficiency required of its professionals.

Why Is It Important?
Apprenticeship helps to maintain the quality of the Masonry profession by providing certified skills through a standardized process.

Employers actively participating in Apprenticeship have a competitive advantage, as Apprenticeship establishes partnerships with employers and employees. It takes under-skilled or semi-skilled workers to the experienced level.


What are the Benefits?

receive formalized training under experienced supervision. They earn as they learn new and improved skills to become more competitive in the job market. A progressive wage schedule helps ensure they are receiving raises every six months (based on performance reviews). Apprentices graduate from this three-year program with increased job security and nationally recognized Journeyman credentials.

have more satisfied customers due to increased quality of workmanship. A reservoir of skilled workers becomes available for future needs of the company, and their workforce becomes more flexible through higher skill diversification.

Costs are decreased through an increase in productivity and a graduated pay scale in proportion to skill levels.
Apprenticeship is a great recruiting tool and demonstrates an “I Care” attitude, improving employer-employee relations. Employees are more motivated, and turnover and absenteeism is reduced.   

The Masonry Industry
benefits from an increased number of skilled laborers. Apprenticeship fills the gaps that will inevitably occur in this challenging economy.  As we all know, cutbacks are currently on the rise and older masons are retiring. When enough employers invest in workforce development programs, future challenges can be overcome.

AMCA has the most effective and efficient program in the state of Arizona, and now is the time to invest in our future workforce.

If you would like to learn more about AMCA Apprenticeship, please click here and complete the contact form. Someone from our office will contact you shortly.